Cabrach Trust Launch Their New Website

It’s always nice to see a project come together and it’s great to see the Cabrach Trust launch their new website with our work front and centre. Here is a peek at the new site:

Above: On the front page you are presented with our film ‘People of the Cabrach’ were we talk to Cabrach resident Neil Seed about the past, present and future of the  Cabrach. See the film here.

Above: Menu pages a clean and crisp with full width landscape and detail image backgorunds making it a nice and easy site to navigate.

As you an see there is exstensive use of our landscape imagery which is blended into the layout and sets the tone for the website nicely.  The Cabrach is a dramatic place but it was important for us to be sensitive with the work we created here. There is a lot of history of people and place here that is yet to be told. See our Cabrach photography work here.

Spey have done a nice job on the website here. Visit it for yourself and learn all about the Cabrach and the Cabrach Trust projects at